Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok. So it is around 10 and may fluctuate as the days progress. NYC is all about flexibility and distinguishing smoke from the fire this week as many of you will be here for The Armory Show et al. With that in mind I have assembled a wee slice of the Big Apple into a hits list in no particular order (except the first one!):

   ·      Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914 at MOMA: This show at MOMA is one of the greatest exhibitions I have ever seen.  It basically describes the arc of Cubism's suspension between tangible form, what we think of when we commonly think of the "real," and the humming ether of diagrammatic (read: drawing) abstraction.  If you really never understood it before, the same way you never really read Moby Dick, you will come out understanding the architecture of Modernism (and read Moby Dick, it's a great, funny book). This is a quote from a letter from the artist and writer Stephen Westfall to his students. I couldn’t agree more about Picasso: Guitars or Moby Dick!

   ·      The beautiful stay-in-the-eyes-forever paintings of Stephen Westfall open in early April at Gallery Lennon Weinberg but you can see his work at the same gallery this week at The Armory Pier 92.

Stephen Westfall @ Pier 92 Lennon Weinberg

   ·      Speaking of the The Armory Show get a sneak peak of the always compelling work of Markus Schinwald, the Austrian artist to the Venice Biennale this year at Pier 94 Georg Kargl Fine Art.

Markus Schinwald @ Pier 94 Georg Kargl

   ·     I almost found a sublet through Stephanie Diamond’s listing project last year and each week I find pleasure perusing her tightly edited extremely valuable NYC (and beyond!) apartment listings. Like many New Yorkers I am a bit of an addict when it comes to reading about city dwelling stories! Check out her space at Scope

   ·      Us vs. Us at Scope looks super interesting and part of the reason I can tell it is cool (before being seen!) is a great line-up of artist/projects (Stephanie Diamond listed above) Secret Project Robot and the presence of Jef Wolfy Scharf. Something interesting is up!

Jef Wolfy Scharf @ Us vs. Us, Scope

   ·       Most NYC publications can’t hiccup about pizza or sustainable eating without mentioning Roberta's of Bushwick and for good reason! However right around the corner (but a world of cuisine away) sits the hidden treasure of MOMO Sushi Shack. MOMO serves Japanese tapas with a flair that makes evenly the lowliest customer loyal! It’s the bomb – sushi bomb that is!

Phill, owner of MOMO Sushi Shack

   ·      Gimme coffee - or else! Gimme! With branches in Brooklyn and Manhattan is just very fine coffee. Grab a latte on Mott St. before checking out the galleries on the LES some Sunday. Sun helps.

Gimme! Coffee @ Mott Street

·      And for all of you coming from out-of-town but want to feel in-  the-know for choice gallery listings, this week or any week, I highly recommend zing magazine’s zingrecommends. It tells you exactly what’s up without all the riff raff. After 15 years zing still rocks!
Vintage zingmagazines

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