Sunday, March 13, 2011



Sylvie Fleury creates high art objects from a self-described interest in art’s complete superficiality. It is a serious interest and one that resonates through all of her work. Beginning with glossy boutique shopping bag installations, complete with packages and purchases secluded out of sight and arranged with great formality, Fluery has dedicated herself to the capitalist hives and drawn inspiration in the activity. A pioneer in exploiting the tangential relationships between fashion branding, re-branding and fine art, Fleury sensed an inherent affinity between luxury merchandizing and l’objects des art. She also has a strong interest in aliens, cars and New Age.

Decadence may sometimes employ the sublime to give meaning to its various states of pleasure. The sublime certainly presents itself in a constellation of crystal formations, illuminated purple, green, yellow and red, jutting from the floor larger than life. Cristaux, 2001, an agile configuration of the semi-precious stones made in plastic, sprout from the ground and spew light all over the space they inhabit and combine ideas of luxury and New Age spirituality. Fleury with her exaggerated sensibility towards states of pleasure and decadence combined with an eye for the unusual and offbeat creates a range of effects in Cristaux that conjure up a fantastic spectacle of delight.

By Julie Ryan

(This text was originally published for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary in 2004 for the exhibition catalogue ein-leuchten, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg)  

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