Friday, March 30, 2012


Esposito's Pork Shop dishing out delicious pig parts and more since 1933 in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. Truly a beacon in the night after a spirit-sucking sort of day that called for a closing portion of spicy Italian sausage from some of the more than 10,000 pounds of the stuff they produce each weeks. (Don't really want to imagine the mass of that but..maybe the size of a VW van? Or two?)

Thank you pork people at Esposito's.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Tupperware held all of his sadness: a middle class and midwestern thump of hurt. The sadness of being raised on iceberg lettuce instead of arugula. It was the damage of the scraped and dinged (slightly melted at the lip) frosty-green iceberg lettuce crisper. The Tupperware that was no longer in use because no one could find the lid. The crisper was expendable, but no one cared enough about the container to even throw it out! It had so little value that it wasn't even worth throwing away. 

The guy hadn't showered in weeks. I couldn't smell him right then, but I knew who he was and he never showered. He was a drunk boy/man with a hurt heart and he stood screaming below our apartment windows that night in Cleveland. He wasn't looking or yelling for me specifically - it was my room mate who had caught his wrath - I was just in hearing distance, and yet he seemed to be yelling at me too. He cursed her, he cursed all of us (women), he was hard to understand at times but the proclamations were building to one last insult - the crescendo - bellowing..."You, you treat treat me worse, you treat me worse than anything! You treat me, I'm Tupperware! TUPPERWAAARE!"

I still recall his name. I remember his sour body smell in our house mixed with turpentine and stale cigarette. I remember the look of his paintings and that he was smart and well read. But today the only thing that truly resonates carried through the windows that night: You treat me like I'm Tupperware. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Sometimes I define an inner chaotic day by a number of external measures: like how many subway rides I take. A four fare day is doable (0 is great! Two is cool.) while a 7 or a 9 would be exceptional and undesirable in would also make me wonder what the hell was going on!   

Now with the work in the bakery/kitchen I have a new external daily density measure because yesterday was a 10 sack day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As Armory Week closed in NYC I felt that I had seen everything and nothing. I had avoided running into most people and had missed no one. Hopeful and hopeless, alas, it was a week of dichotomies.