Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It looked like the most beautiful hospital view in the world. Unless it is actually what you are looking at, then it is all about the point of view. Leave beauty to the beholders. I was a visitor.

And one shocked visitor at that when this dish arrived! A single mound of cottage cheese and 6 slices of extra feinwurst - that's bologna! It is utterly impossible for me to conjure up what medical condition could possibly necessitate such a diet. When could nitrate laden pre-post-processed mystery meat ever be something the body needs

So it seemed almost cruel to jump on my bike and go to eat at the Ewok's feast!

My friend affectionately describes her mother as a very small Thai woman with very big hair and ends the thought with "She looks like an Ewok!" Well, Ewok or no Ewok she can cook and a Giant Thai feast was had by all.

Let's hope for a change of view. Bon sante!

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