Sunday, February 5, 2012


In the song "Mercy Seat" Johnny Cash sees "The face of Jesus in my soup". Well, I didn't eat soup today but I did have 3 epiphanies in the past 24 hours. The third was a message sent via my bacon studded Snickerdoodle.

The name Snickerdoodle may come from a perversion of the original Schneckennudeln. I don't know that "snail noodles" do a lot to describe this rather simple butter cookie laced with cinnamon and sugar. I do know and make Schneckennudeln though and can see where the taste may have morphed into the cookie if not the name. I added about a half cup of fried bacon to half the cookies thus becoming breakfast in a bite.

I see, a heart pounding out of the Snickerdoodle dough. No? But tell me Johnny, what do you see?

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