Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 My friend Susan in Vienna is a great Persian cook and introduced me to Morgh-e Torsh, a sour chicken, herb dish that she actually makes with fish sometimes (which is not traditional). Susan also grabs hot pots out of the oven with her bare hands, also, not traditional! I think her fingers are made of asbestos. 

I looked to Turmeric & Saffron for a recipe reference but then ended up adding dill and scallions to my mound of green chopped splendor. The recipe says you can use a mixture of lime/lemons/oranges for the citrus but in my experience getting your hands a few sour oranges is key. Luckily I live by Food Bazaar (I may never repeat that again "luckily") where there is an explicit sign on the door explaining "No Slippers Allowed" and inside there are piles of Honduran sour oranges. So please, if you go, no slippers! 

There are many a night where one might be cooking up a pot of sour chicken and want to run out the door for an orange or two, or a chicken (though the live chicken market on the other end of the block is SO much better for this) - with bedroom footwear and perhaps a robe? Consider yourself warned. 

I never once saw some bra-less, sweatpants suited, stained t-shirt-with-slippers-on -specimen in a proper Paris market but at Food Bazaar and middle America (Yes, I am looking at you Wisconsin!) it is de rigueur! And Vienna? Fuggetaboutit!

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