Thursday, February 16, 2012


I baked to chase your taste memory. Your mother used to make you rolls and you were not certain of the ingredients, but you would know it when you tasted it. You wanted to taste it again.  Could I make those rolls?, you asked. "Maybe it had Schlagobers (heavy cream)", was the only clue you gave me. 

I made many batches of a whole-wheat, seed and cream rolls. I would wrap them and list the various differences in the batches and deliver them to someone who wasn't even technically (for health reasons) allowed to eat bread. I baked them anyway and delivered the rolls to you even though you were too sick to eat them. Some Birthdays are hard-won, reached in a gamble, luck of the draw or a deal with the Devil if you were Tartini (for example.) This was one of those years...

Happy Birthday!

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