Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Jonn Alex Gonzalez 

Top 3 (In no particular order): 

John Alex Gonzalez and his radio-style illustrated cartoon drama with excellent soundtrack. This modest and engaging multi-projection film noir had me from the first sax notes, but it was the attempts to light a cigarette a flip zippo lighter and the timing of the images and text that clinched it. That scrolling sound of the finger on the hinge, the calm speaking voice: it was filmic and it was not a film. It was my favorite surprise and I could imagine it bigger or smaller. 

Jay Gaskill presented two major paintings striking and flawlessly executed. One (I did not measure) must have been 16 feet long and 6 feet high and the other with a golden metallic ochre ground was also large in scale. Both works were smooth emblematic abstractions. I imagine the one pictured here as a complicated pictograph in a UFO exit row really small or in a giant gallery with white walls. Here I am!

Amanda Valdez had a whole slew of paintings presented. A bit of editing might have helped, but never mind, because a few of these were so strong one ignored the rest. The sewn together fabric, canvas, embroidery and paint was a real discovery that could have happened in a LES gallery somewhere. It happened to be at a college graduate show but they are ready to be anywhere and shined.

Jay Gaskill

Amanda Valdez

Tim Donald Webster

And then there was just some cool and admirable things to see...

 Takako Oishi

Martin Roth
Emily Stoddart

 yoshiaki mochizuki
Oasa DuVerney

Ira Eduardovna


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  3. hi julia,

    i had sprayed "raid" that day in my space (before the gallery opened). we had a panel discussion in the gallery space and i was advised by other students: no flies allowed. the flies were a side product of my installation and not planned. i want my work to be in the process of living, to have a life of its own.

    i am interested to learn more about other artists who also grew grass on real persian rugs or similar materials.

    all the best.

    i did work with butterflies, birds, ducklings, .. in the past

  4. I should not have reviewed a student show.

    Good luck in your work Martin! And I look forward to seeing
    more of your work.

    Best greetings.