Monday, October 24, 2011


Specificity does not necessarily result in accuracy. I made a drawing from a very blurry photo. It was a very detailed drawing trying to avoid copying the photo. Ironically in an effort to avoid making a photo-like drawing I drew the details from memory and ended up with a more photo-like drawing than the photo! A friend remedied this: he shook the drawing while I photographed it. This friendly collaboration was the perfect culmination of our years of experience - Resulting in a photo-realistic drawing from a fuzzy photo then re-photographed to appear like an exact drawing of an inexact photo and hence a perfect copy. We managed to elaborately reproduce exactly what I was trying to avoid and we did so perfectly, or should it be accurately.

I think we can finally say it became what it was always intended to be: a variation on a theme and more accurate for it being less specific. Everything is better...go with the flow.

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