Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Cafe Zebulon, Brooklyn 
14, June 2011

Above the din at Zebulon a modest sized cafe space in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn the UK guitar master Michael Chapman could be heard saying "I am playing for God, just in case he exists." I missed the gist of the rest of the story but I have a feeling that this punchline was important.

Chapman who appeared on the UK scene in the late 60's and has been strumming, singing and songwriting ever since played and sang and smiled on all of us. If there is a god and god is in the details surely the intricate mingling of this man and instrument are blessed. Check out some of the videos on his website. Hallelujah!

Michael Chapman @ Zebulon cafe

The Skeletons vinyl cover
The group that played after Michael Chapman was the Skeletons which sounded like it was going to be super cool but I needed to run out to Union Pool where Wolfy and Kayrock were finishing off a book release event.

Wolfy and Kayrock @ Union Pool

...and that's all folks!

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