Friday, April 8, 2011


Will Benedict gave a presentation last night as part of Artist Lecture Series organized by Azara and Rainer Spangl.

Benedict is half the power behind the very cool Pro Choice Gallery along with partner Lucie Stahl. Presently they are also working to open up a bar (L'Ocean Licker - if I got that straight) next to a very small gay bar called the Blue Banana (which shouldn't sound crass at all). 

Benedict opens bars, runs galleries, curates shows and considers these activities the more ephemeral aspects of his regular studio practice. In the studio he pieces together painting, advertising and portraiture on image carrying vehicles. For instance a news desk or postcard become product placement opportunities for Benedict's paintings and promotions and function as both a practical aesthetic format and an extension of all of Benedicts' various activities.

As an artist whom also extends her practice outside of the stretched canvas structure I can empathize.

Curated Frieze booth, 2010, for Meyer Kainer Galerie

Will Benedict lecture for Artist Lecture Series

Work by Will Benedict

Curated Frieze booth, 2010, for Meyer Kainer Galerie

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