Thursday, January 27, 2011


This morning before I even had the water on for coffee I had the mixer on whipping up eggs for a Birthday concoction. Happy Birthday my friend! Last year not a single wrapped present and this year so much more you receive and a slightly burnt, but well intentioned, apple cake. And now that the cake is done and the sample devoured beside a small pot of coffee I may even be so inspired to frost it! 

Someday I promise I will measure something (anything!) before I bake, that I will read a recipe and follow said recipe rather than ignore aforementioned recipe. And then cakes will rise and cookies with not melt into wafer-like masses of crisp mud (no matter how good tasting!) and quick breads will become not only quick, but edible and the sea will part.

I am also wondering as an avid practitioner and believer in tea leaf and coffee ground readings if the same can be done with the remains of a cake pan? If so this one looks fascinating! 

The frosting and cake decorating segment:

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