Monday, January 10, 2011


Recently I have been picking through old emails, texts and images trying to apply some system of order over what now can only be called 'random'. That's when I ran across the above image of an innocuous green stem held by anonymous fingers. Except it is not. 
I remember the green and the hand and the man attached to it. The email read "Wanna share?" I thought, "Ha! Sure. You can have the woody stems and I'll take the bitter little leaves." And that would have been that had I not started to think about the watercress itself and the idea offerings. 

So in observance of having found the long lost offering of a wee green stem I decided to transform it and bitterness in general into a new edible offering. I caramelized two large onions with several anchovy fillets and a splash of sherry vinegar. I sauteed watercress, radicchio, romaine. I piled the first over the later and covered them with roasted red grapes and toasted hazelnuts. I don't think I could ever reproduce the dish exactly making it the perfect offering: Grapes and Greens. 

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