Thursday, April 19, 2012


I remember Halloween growing-up for two distinct dramatic events: one was the year my friends came hours late to pick me up for Trick or Treat and I sat on the front stoop waiting in my little princess costume feeling terribly sad (Ok, maybe I was dressed as a hobo - but I had the heart of a princess damn it! And I was distraught!) And the second Halloween drama would happen each year after Trick or Treat when we would gather up all of our treats and bring them to the hospital to have them x-rayed for fear that pins of razor blades had been surreptitiously placed inside a Snickers or a Mars bar. I am sorry...did ANYONE else do this?!

I think partially because of this I am not a a big fan of sweet things in general but I am a big fan of bright and bountiful nostalgia with cool graphics! Well, and I Do eat sweets sometimes and then I seek the perfect sweet, in the perfect place. Economy Candy on the Lower East Side has been serving the dental community since 1937.

Gum balls in lock-down at Economy Candy on Rivington St.

Big Hunk? I have no idea what it is! Never heard of BIG HUNK before, but hey, "Honey-sweetened nougat with whole roasted peanuts?" Sure, maybe this is exactly what has been missing from my candy world.

Côte-d'Or I do know you and j'adore you! Happy to see a familiar 'face' in these isles and later tonight perhaps a Mousse au Chocolat will do you justice? 

If you hate sweets, children or tourists with cameras - stay away! If you have a phobia of candy machines and/or toy cars or walls of candy crushing you to death, maybe skip this place too! Huh - come to think of it - if you fear that sweets are simply vehicles for razors or pins and mass amounts of radiation.... this also is not the place for you either! (My poor therapist!)

Economy Candy is chock-a-block with every candy or candy gizmo imaginable. It is all about some innocent sense of enjoyment that hopefully can be indulged at any age! If you like sweet things that bring joy...this is the place for you!

108 Rivington Street (at Delancey Street)
Tel: 1-800-352-4544

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