Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We use to meet more frequently when I lived closer but after I moved we saw less and less of one another. And no, I am not talking about my leap across the ocean or 'move East young woman' migration pattern but a simple switch to the other side of town. Because of this move we tend not to meet randomly on the street and tend not to have coffee at the place on the corner like when I lived nearby. So it was nice to grab a coffee (one with caffeine, one without) and catch-up.

Talking points included art news, exhibitions, German television and traveling with fish. At one point while describing an upcoming trip he explained how best to vacation with people by stating "Respect the distance" and it reminded me of the London Tube announcement of "Mind the gap." 

I thought about distance again when I learned that the New York based artist Carol Bove has a show up in Innsbruck at a space I didn't know existed. Carol's show is the second installation at Sammlung Ivo Moser and will stay up until August. There are no openings, or opening hours but it can be viewed by private appointment. Michael Sailstorfer, Herbert Hinteregger and Rudolf Stingel had the premier exhibition...what a start! I would love to see this place. But if I don't I love the perversity of this beautiful private gallery space nestled in the mountains of Innsbruck mounting a full fledged exhibition of an artist just for the pleasure of seeing the work together. Respect the distance.

Sammlung Ivo Mosser

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