Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As a high school student growing up in Wauwatosa, WI there were tons of fun things to do. Most involved driving. Driving by overly familiar locations and seeking out exotic experiences or seeking out exotic destinations and familiar experience. The most exotic and familiar being The Witches House. We had all been there before but no one ever remembered the exactly where it was. The roads were dark, no one had been drinking or smoking, but if they had I am certain the roads would have seemed even more dark and always twisting about at odd places. The name of the road we were looking for had the word "Beach" in it or "Sand" or something about water. It was as if by blocking the memory of the road name we would always be fascinated to find it again. Genius. To this day I use the same finely honed mapping skills to seek out what now is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ye 'ol Witches House. Believe me, at night and at 16 the place had a totally different vibe. The Violent Femmes caught more of the ambiance in their songs and on the cover of their 1984 album Hallowed Ground.

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