Thursday, September 23, 2010


VARIETAS DELECTAT is Latin for 'pleasure in variety'. Above is the poster I made for the exhibition. Benedetta and I arrived a few days early to install and the gallery installed us in a convent. We did not know the gallerists before arriving in Graz but they certainly had our number! Peace, quiet and cleanliness.

 Tim and I playing at the Wall Violin (Volcano), September 23, 2010

 Pamelia playing Theremin at the opening.

Barbara the gallerist with Benedetta in foreground.

 Pink string installation by Benedetta Jacovoni.


Galerie Grazy/Werkstadt Graz, Austria

Julie Ryan
Tamuna Sirbiladze
Benedetta Jacovoni

Theremin: Pamelia Kurstin
Wall Violin: Julie Ryan
Wall Violin: Timothy Dunin

Wall Violin VOLCANO on YouTube

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